Have you ever wondered that the bright, colorful and extremely glittery nails studded with glittering stones or glitter are even creatively picturesque with elaborate drawings dating back to when? What is the method of nail beauty treatment and who is the first person to create this beauty method? Let’s explore the history of nail art and the most popular nail art with the best nail gel polish to learn more about some of the upcoming beautiful nail trends!

Nail Beauty’s History and How Can Be the Best Nail Gel Polish

History of Nail Art

4,000 years ago, people consciously beautified their nails, nail art took place for the first time in Southern Babylonia with rudimentary nail tools found in the tombs of the royal lineage Egypt.

According to records, the ancient Romans used sheep’s fat and blood to make nail polish, giving their nails a more eye-catching color. On the other hand, pink nail polish was also created by women in Turkey by crushing rose petals.

In the countries of the Western Hemisphere, nail art colors were not popular until the 20th century. At that time, slender hands with white nails were considered an important part of aesthetics, it was the criterion to judge the purity, cleanliness and morality of women. In the 1800s, the common way to clean nails was to use a small amount of lemon juice or vinegar mixed with water to whiten the tips of the nails.

Besides, the tradition of long nails is also closely related to the ranks in social status at that time. Because, women who have long nails usually do not need to do heavy manual work or hard labor. Not only in the West but also in Asian countries. For example, in Chinese films of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), you can easily see images of royalty and the aristocracy – aristocrats always have very long nails, especially their ring fingers. little finger and little finger of each hand.

They often use gilded or intricately carved and jeweled accessories to protect their nails as well as a form of nail beauty. That is also the reason that they always have at least 2 servants by their side at all times to help them with heavy work or other personal things to avoid breaking their nails. To beautify their nails, many women in China have also used egg whites, beeswax, vegetable dyes, and Arabic gum to decorate their nails with watercolors.

The Development of Nail Art

Today in the 21st century, the beauty of nails is no longer a luxury, it does not distinguish between class and social class as in the previous era. Now, with the advent of many product lines and many advanced nail technologies, your nails can be beautiful at any time, making nail polish is no longer a problem and it also does not cost you too much. Among them, the most prominent is the introduction of the best nail gel polish colors and manicure gel polish nail colors!

Several decades have passed, witnessing a change in Western nail art. Manufacturers have created fast-drying nail polish products for women with active lifestyles and personality. From the 1980s onwards, the current conventional nail polish is very different from the old days.

It has many other rich colors with organic ingredients, but now manicure gel polish, although behind the scenes, are very popular. Equally remarkable, gel nail polish products from the best nail gel polish brands are launched continuously, contributing to promoting the development of the nail industry both domestically and internationally.

How Can the Best Nail Gel Polish?

The best nail polish is the nail polish that best suits your intended use, nature of work, income and condition of your nails. Not the most expensive, the most famous is rated as the best nail polish, because sometimes gel nail polish is expensive but not suitable for the condition and characteristics of your nails. Or it will be a waste of experience when you do not know how to use or damage in the process of storing gel nail polish.

The best and most suitable nail gel polishes for you are the gel nail polishes that are reasonably priced, the polish is smooth and doesn’t bubble when applied to the nails, and it doesn’t irritate the skin when you put it on. accidentally let sensitive skin areas come into contact with it. Good gel nail polish can keep the color fresh, avoid peeling and last at least 2 weeks and even more than 1 month.

In addition, the ingredients in a good bottle of nail polish will be sourced and rigorously tested, reputable and famous nail polish brands always prioritize organic ingredients for their products. These products will help the customer’s nails to be naturally shiny even after removing the gel nails and at the same time not causing damage and darkening or yellowing of the nails.

Final Thought

In the past, women who wanted to beautify had to go through many stages, women with long nails symbolized the aristocracy, but now, anyone can have their favorite nail shapes and create them with so many kinds of gel and premium gel nail polishes that protect and strengthen nails!