Gel polish kits come with everything you need for a complete manicure at home, and they’re usually cheaper than just buying all individual pieces on their own. Take advantage of one kit today! Here is our list of some excellent starter gel polish kits that will suit every user:

Best Gel Nail Starter Kits

OPI gel color starter kit

OPI is a trendy brand for gel polish. Their quality line has great shades and impressive staying power. The downside surprises with this kit are that it does not come with an LED or UV lamp (you have to buy them separately) or the clear base and top coat (which can be purchased in many places on their website). One upside of OPI gel color starter kit is the 6 FULL-SIZE colors making up the Iconic Starter Kit, which would allow you to expand your color collection without splurging too much money – if you don`t want to go all in and spend $100 for entire contents.

Sally Hansen Gel Starter Kit

Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit is perfect for all mani and Pedi needs. Get yourself access to new, salon-quality products for a fraction of the cost or pay the premiums at your local nail salon. This kit contains everything you need to get professional-looking gel manicures from home! The LED lamp (cures in 30 seconds) replaces the UV lamps found in other kits, cleanser pads, and remover will have your nails looking fabulous before you know it. Plus, this provides an intense shine as the top coat and color go on smooth due to its rich formulation.

Red Carpet Starter Kit

The Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 Starter Kit is a trendy gel polish starter that includes everything you need to get started. It comes in four colors, two removers, cuticle oil, cleanser and brush cleaner in addition to the LED lamp (which cures in 45 seconds) and instructions! Plus, color gel coats that come on like having your nails professionally done at home—without all the hassles you’d encounter if you were going to a salon.

Sensationail Gel Polish

Are you tired of nail color chips and smudges after just one day? Sensationail Gel Polish is easy to apply, long-lasting luster that lasts up to 3 weeks. It’s a perfect option for those who want gel polish to shine without the LED curing process. With its low odor and no-hassle removal, it also makes our top priorities for natural nails. The kit includes everything you need to give your natural nails Amazing Shine all season: small bottles complete with topcoat, primer, color and base coat – each containing 2 grams of the product.

Nailuv Gel Nail

Love the ombre trend? So do we. Introducing Nailuv home professional gel nail system that includes all of the tools you need to create salon-caliber manicures at home! This kit is all-inclusive and easy to use for nails on the go with an LED lamp, five color gels, top coat/base coat in one formula, bonder and cleansers. Save time by starting your manicure from scratch without worry or hassle when using this 12 piece product kit!

Couture Polish Kit

The couture gel nail polish kit includes everything you need for your at-home manicure, including a top coat and base coat. Your nails will be shiny and last more than a week if appropriately prepared. Sixty-three colors give you one more choice than the usual five shades in most kits!

Gelish Polish Starter Kit

The Complete Gel Polish Starter Kit by Gelish is perfect for anyone wanting to try gel polish at home. Included are two full-size colors of Gelish with mini sizes of the base coat, top coat, cuticle oil and bonder. The LED lamp cures in 45 seconds, and because it’s motion-sensitive will automatically shut off after 3 minutes.

CND Shellac Intro Pack

CND shellac is perfect for anyone who wants an ideal salon nail. You can use your at-home device, even if it’s not a UV lamp or both! They offer the best removal and excellent wear time. All items are included with this kit. You get exclusive products like ScrubFresh finger scrubbing pads, Rubbing Alcohol for cuticle softening purposes, Orangewood sticks to push back cuticles before doing acetone soaking on fingers.

OPI Gelcolor Intro Kit

Now anyone can enjoy popular OPI colors and quality without a trip to the salon. Inspired by gel technology for that high-end coverage only found in nail salons, this professional system offers incredible product performance with features like LED light curing and Color Palettes with an on-trend beaded chain. Inside this starter kit, you’ll find everything you need to perform manicures or pedicures at home – no experience required!


Do you need an OPI gel polish starter kit or any other nail starter kit of your choice? The search is over, as you can choose from any of the fantastic products reviewed in this article.