As manicure lovers may understand, the nails’ length and proportion has an effect on the choice of nail art design. Nowadays it is possible to have your nails filed into squire, oval or any other shape that you want. The dramatic mien of squired-off tipped coffin nails might also impress you. Besides, the pointy stiletto-shaped nails might also fit the design that you want. When it comes to almond shaped nails, nail sticker designs get a run for their money. Almond is a nontraditional design where the arched cuticle bed swoops up to a tiny, curved point on the nail’s tip. Unlike the stiletto and coffin nails, almond shape is more glamorous, subtle and redefined.  Almond is like the nails’ Blake Lively. Today, we have compiled a few lively and glamorous yet wearable almond nail designs that may suit your character and satiate your desires.

Best Cool Nail Designs

Rainbow Confetti

This Yasuda’s glittery inspo is a design that you would never want to miss. The 70s and 80s fetched design looks great on everyone. Well, we might not know how you will feel about the design, but we know that it will look glamorous on you more than anything you have ever seen.

Siren Chrome

If unlike glitters, you prefer the holographic shimmer, this Yasuda’s galactic chrome design might interest you. The design is elegant for everyone, and it looks chic on every outfit. Therefore, you can wear it to rock your night parties and even on official days.

Daisies for Days

Do you think that the 70s chunky glitters are the only glamorous nail design? Well, the 60s daisy nails will blow your mind. The nude base used in this design makes both the nails and fingers look longer. Therefore, this nude polish trick might come in handy when you want to elongate your slender-looking stumpy and short nails.

Chunky Glitter 

This is a gorgeous almond masterpiece that every woman would want to have. It is made up of an acrylic set shaped at a perfect point between almond and oval. Besides, this design is great because of its glitter to perfection appearance that leaves you looking chicer than before.

Eye of the Tiger

Do you remember the 2000s logomania? Well, it has resurfaced in a bigger way. We are all proud to welcome back this Gucci inspired design as its creativity is just outstanding. The design screams perfection, and it is great for everyday wear.

Turquoise and Gold

Turquoise is a gemstone inspired manicure that looks elegant and perfect on almond nails. It is the choice of everyone looking to get chicer nails. We do not know much about your preferences, but we want to experience the elegance of this design on your nails soonest.

Sailor Moon-Approved

This elegant design involves distinct metallic polish shades superimposed on almond-shaped nails that produce a perfect ombre look.  The small gold bar detail and the negative space provides a redefined and cartoonish look to the holographic design.

Coming Up Roses

Roses are an almond-shaped inspiration from Yasuda. This romantic red manicure is perfect for every look, and we are crushing on the sheer white floral details that give it its perfection. If you love roses, well, this is your opportunity to walk with them wherever you go and touch the hearts of the people you get close to.

Crystal Craze

These rose quartz nails from Yasuda might be the best you will see this year. It has crisscrossing white veins and a bluish pink base, and a metallic gold base that screams perfection. This design is a way to improve your daily look and give you the elegance that you desire.

Heart Tips

Do you fancy nail stickers? Well, this combo of nail sticker design and almond-shaped nails will give you a world-class look. Heart tips utilize heart stickers that come in four distinct shades of lavender, black, blush, and white.

Gold Dip

Shimmer, glitter, and metallic sticker nail designs are an irresistible manicure trend. Gladly, the designs have shifted to almond nails, and their lovers have something to smile about. These burnished gold and copper foil have something that makes you desire for fall and summer.

Other almond-shaped nail designs that you can try out include Glitter French Tips, Ruby Half Moons, Milky Pastels, Etched Lines, True Crime Talons, Red Drip, Purple Holo, Pressed Florals, Pattern Mixing, Coral Contrast, and Flower Power, among others.


Almond-shaped nails give you a design that leaves you looking perfect and elegant. The look you get from these nails is incomparable. All you need is to add a little twist, and your nails will be utterly unavoidable and irresistible.