We girls use such a variety of beauty products that it becomes difficult for most to understand which product truly enhances our look. Some people feel afraid to use bronzers since they don’t know how to select the best bronzer for their skin tone properly.

How to Choose the Right Bronzer

This guide will inform you everything about bronzers and which shade will give the perfect glow based on the skin tone. Let’s discuss what bronzer is and how it is different from other makeup products.

What Is Bronzer?

Bronzer is one of the popular makeup products that are available in the market in different forms. You can get a bronzer as a cream, gel, powder, or even stick formulas. Some of them come in a single matte shade, while others may include shimmer.

Bronzers are used to get a perfect radiant glow on the face. If you want to get a temporary tan using a makeup product, apply bronzers on the face. Most girls use it to get an instant sun-kissed look.

Usually, people buy bronzers that are 1-2 shades darker than their natural skin tone. While buying a bronzer, you should ensure that it can darken certain areas of the skin and provide a gorgeous summary glow.

What Are the Correct Ways of Choosing Bronzers?

If you want the best results, choose a bronzer that is a bit darker in the shade than the natural skin tone. However, don’t get a bronzer which is way too dark than the skin tone because you can face issues while blending it to look natural.

You should look for bronzers based on ethnicity since people have different skin tones. For instance, if you are Asian, look for the best bronzer for Asian skin tone in the market.

How Is Bronzing Different than Contouring?

Although the primary goal of bronzers and contours is to darken and define specific areas of the face, the results they provide are somewhat different. When you apply contours to the face, it creates an illusion of shadows that defines the face.

Various women choose to contour since it highlights the structure of the forehead, nose, cheekbones, and jawline. Even though you can use bronzers to define the face structure, it mostly brings warmth and radiance to the face. Thus, it is extremely important to select a product that provides you the desired result.

Some people choose between using contour and bronzer, while others apply both to enhance their look. If you want a radiance life-like glow on the face, then choose bronzers. When you are going to a party and need a full-glam look, contouring can be the best makeup step.

What Shade of Bronzer Should You Use?

Various people don’t have the same skin tone throughout the year because they are prone to tan. If you get tanned in the summer, it will be ideal for getting different shades of bronzers to match the skin tone.

There are varieties of bronzers available in gorgeous rich brown shades, enhancing the look of people born with dark skin tones. You should choose the best bronzer for black skin that comes with warm and cool undertones while keeping in mind that it provides a natural look.

Women who have medium skin tone should find bronzers with golden undertones or neutral brown shades. Golden undertones are perfect since these shades are usually 2 shades darker than the medium skin tone.

The girls, who have fair skin tone, should be careful in choosing bronzers with red undertones since their skin might look orange when they apply them. If you are naturally fair, get a peachy or neutral-toned bronzer to enhance the look and provide a sun-kissed glow.


We hope now you understand the difference between bronzers and contours. You should apply bronzers while doing makeup to get a gorgeous radiant glow on the face. However, ensure to choose bronzers based on the skin tone so that it looks realistic.