If you haven’t heard about Daisy Nail Design then you’re not following the trends. Daisy Nail Design (DND) nail polish is one of the Top Best nail polish brands that guarantees to give you the best nail color.

This nail polish can be trusted to give a shiny, pure, bright and long-lasting nail care. The nail polish is also a gel polish that is easy and quick to get for manicurist or even yourself.

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DND Nail Supplies

The DND nail polish consists of a brilliant formula that makes the nail polish to feel like traditional nail polish. This nail polish has many different colors, from fresh colors to shiny colors.

DND nail polish also has aluminum and some glittering options that make it pleasant to wear to different event centers. The only thing that differentiates DND nail polish from other gel polish is that it is fused with necessary vitamins to strengthen nails and to remain healthy. It also has a gorgeous appearance that makes it last on nails for seven days without peeling. DND nail polish has a gentle absorbing power which lasts up to three weeks. Unlike other nail polish products, DND nail polish comes with a base coat and top coat to give nail care a shining color and to also last long. DND now produces up to 600 DND top coats that don’t wipe off or require cleaning for stickiness removal.

What Makes DND Nail polish Unique?

Since the polish soaks off gel polish, there is no confusion about your nail growth. The gel will add a little gap to the nail bottom. The nail polish lasts longer than regular nail polish. Gel polish can stay on the nail for a month without chipping or peeling. If the polish is a cure with an ultraviolet lamp, the drying process will be fast. The nail polish also arranges nail art colors to give an attractive look. Each set of the Daisy Nail Designs (DND) arrives with a matching gel and polish. This nail polish prevents the nails from germs and bacteria. Like most wholesale nail supplies, DND nail polish gives you a flawless nail finish.

Does DND resemble regular nail polish?

This is one of the questions people ask and wish to know about DND nail polish. DND nail polish has many collections that serve as regular nail polish. This product is a high-level quality salon product.

Is DND gel polish?

DND nail polish absorbs gel polish and luminous nail color on the nails faster than other nail polish. This nail polish feels thinner and has long life span ability while on nails.

Is DND Gel Polish UV or LED?

Daisy Nail Design (DND) nail polish has a gel color and topcoat with fewer steps for quicker and more extended nail wear. It lasts up to 21 days and cures under a LED and UV lamp. 


  • It gives full colors numbers 
  • DND appears thinner on nails.
  • The nail polish lasts for three weeks on nails.
  • It consists of crucial vitamins to increase nail strength.
  • The price of the nail polish is favorable.
  • It has a pleasant and welcoming odor that makes the nails to be more friendly.

Procedures for Application

To apply the nail polish, use a 180 by 240 nail scraper to gently scrape the nail surface so that the gel polish will have a rough surface to absorb.

  • Clean all Grimes from your nails.
  • Put the first DND layer gel color on the nail.
  • Put under an ultraviolet lamp for two minutes or below light for sixty seconds to cure the polish. 
  • Apply the second layer gel polish.
  • Repeat the number three steps.
  • Lastly use a nail remover and wipes to detach the stickiness on the nails.

But you don’t need these steps when you have many DND top gel products to choose from.

Removal procedures

Wiping off gel nail polish from nails can be hard if you haven’t practiced it before. But it is still easy to do as long as you are not in a hurry and also acknowledge these step by step guidelines.

1st step: The surface of gel polish must be scraped away to enable the cleaning to be quick.

2nd step: Use a transparent acetone or polish cleanser to soak the nails for twenty minutes to unglue the nail bond.

You must ensure to use a cuticle pusher tool to pull it off. Optionally, if you can’t cope with these procedures, then you can get your nail varnish removed at a spa.


Using DND nail polish for your nail care is definitely convenient because it won’t peel off after 14 days or 21 days. Due to the removal process, getting gel nail care can often weaken your nail bed, but this must be less concern since you use DND nail polish. DND nail polish contains essential vitamins that are the best solution to all nails. Daisy Nail Designs (DND) comes in a series of gorgeous colors such as pink, lavender, blue, orange and others. You have many Loads of new appearance to choose from the polish.